Which brace is perfect for me?

The Inman Aligner – is a fast, conservative approach to correct crowded or spaced front teeth at a fraction of the cost of regular orthodontics(braces). As with most orthodontic cases, their main purpose is to achieve a cosmetic result. Inman have found that simply creating the space and moving the front teeth alone can often achieve fantastic results IN A MATTER OF WEEKS. The alternatives range from conventional orthodontics or invisible systems that take a long time to veneers or crowns which may require drastic tooth reduction and sometimes root canal treatment. Both of these may come with high costs too.

It is important to understand that all treatment types have some limitations to them, but the Inman Aligner has a possible solution for most cases. Combined with its quick treatment times, minimal tooth adjustments and affordable price tag compared to conventional braces, it is a very attractive treatment modality.

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Quick Straight Teeth is a new Adult orthodontic system that is COMPLETELY UK BASED. This means an excellent support group in place. It incorporates fixed braces, removable braces and clear aligner systems. We are happy to offer this advanced brace system at Silver Oaks subject to suitability for treatment.

Clear aligners such as Invisalign are a series of ‘retainer type’ solutions that are worn in sequence. These are able to straighten teeth quite rapidly whilst being virtually invisible. This is an option for some people who need to wear a brace throughout the day that want a minimal visual impact, especially when interacting with others. The more you wear your aligning appliance, the quicker the result is achieved. Here a Silver Oaks Dental we find this to be a good alternative to the ‘Inman Aligner’ in some cases.

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