Family Brushing

Being a family orientated surgery, we at Silveroaks feel it is always a good idea for parents to brush their teeth with their young children. It is the best way for children to learn good oral hygiene habits and create a sense of routine. Brushing teeth together can even be fun and allows children to follow by example.

Interdental Cleaning

Not enough emphasis is placed on cleaning between our teeth. Most crowns and fillings fail because of this. As much as tv adverts may show mouthwashes adequately achieve this, they don’t. There are a number of options available to you such as floss, interdental brushes and now devices such as sonicare’s “airfloss” and the “waterpik”.

Chewing Gum

Sugarfree gum and, even better, gum containing Xylitol can benefit our dental health. The stimulation of saliva flow helps to wash away harmful sugars that cause decay. Xylitol has been shown in clinical trials to reduce the number of bacteria that are responsible for dental decay… chew,chew,chew….

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