What is Sedation?

Sedation is used to help patients relax during dental procedures. A small plastic tube will be placed in your arm and you will be given a sedative drug to encourage you to relax. During the surgery you will be drowsy, calm and vaguely aware of your surroundings, but you will have no pain or anxiety. Even people who do not feel anxious about dentistry often choose to have sedation to make the entire experience more comfortable, relaxed and pain-free. It is also well suited for patients who do not like injections.

Is Sedation for me?

Sedation is not only for nervous patients. It also has great benefits to patients who are quite comfortable in the dental chair but are planning to undergo procedures that may take a long time(eg Implant Placements) or are generally “uncomfortable” despite being numbed (eg. Periodontal Treatment or multiple extractions).

Please contact the surgery for an information pack and we will be happy to send this out to you.

If I am conscious during the procedure will I remember the treatment?

Sedation induces a state of deep relaxation. In over 90% of people the drugs used produce partial memory loss from when the drug first kicks in until it wears off. As a result time will appear to pass very quickly.

Is it still necessary to have local anaesthetic if I have conscious sedation?

The sedative drugs are given to relax you whilst the local anaesthetic drugs will take the pain away. The local anaesthetic will be administered after the sedation has taken effect. Under sedation your tolerance to pain is much higher. You will not be in pain under sedation.

Will the Sedationist be present all the time?

Yes, the Sedationist will be at your side all the time. In addition your pulse, oxygen levels and blood pressure are constantly monitored and recorded to ensure your well-being.

What drugs are used?

The most commonly used drug is Midazolam, which belongs to the same family of drugs as Valium.

Will someone need to accompany me?

Yes. Due to the sedative effects of the medication you will need a responsible adult to accompany you home, preferably by car or taxi.

How long will I be under sedation?

This will depend upon the procedure. There will also be a recovery period of 15 minutes before you are discharged into the care of your escort. The sedative effect of the drugs will wear off gradually over the course of the day.

What happens after sedation?

It can take up to 24 hours for the sedative effects of the drugs to be removed from your body and for you to fully recover.

Please Do Not:

  • Drive a vehicle or cycle

  • Use electrical equipment or operate machinery

  • Care for children or dependant adults

  • Make important decisions or sign important documents

  • Drink alcohol, take sleeping tablets, or use tobacco or recreational drugs

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