Types of Dentures and advanced care.

There are many treatment options when it comes to Dentures. We are happy to discuss these treatments with you so that we achieve the results you desire.

Implant retained dentures

Implant retained dentures are becoming a very popular way to stabilise and fix dentures in position, while allowing good access to the implants to keep them clean. If you are struggling with loose dentures and are tired of all the hassle and mess of denture fixatives then this might be the best option for you.
– From £3800

Valplast flexi dentures.

‘Valplast’ Flexi dentures are a good option to provide clasp type retention without the unsightly metal clasps. If you struggle with good retention of your partial denture,  or know someone who does, then Valplast may well be the solution.

The flexible nature of the denture allows us to maximise the available retentive features in your mouth. These include the teeth and the soft tissue around your gums. This is invaluable added support and will help you to avoid unsightly metal clasps and nasty, sticky denture fixatives.

The denture material is hypoallergenic minimising chances of allergic reactions. It also allows minimal coverage of the mouth and Single sided dentures are now possible. At Silver Oaks we are proud to offer the original ‘flexi-denture’. Please contact us for more information or to book a consultation to talk about how we may be able to help you.

– From £850

Full Upper and Lower Dentures.

Full Dentures can be a daunting treatment to undertake. We aim to assess your case comprehensively and discuss your needs, expectations and address any limitations in providing you with the best possible outcome.

-From £800

Partial Denture.

Partial Denture designs can vary considerably and this can affect the final product. Our clinical team benefits from direct involvement in your denture manufacture. We undertake most of the laboratory aspect of your dentures ourselves. This allows us to “tweak” your treatment plan instantly and change design features to suit your unique needs.

-From £475

Denture Repairs.

Denture Repairs and additions to your denture while you wait.

We have an on-site laboratory that allows immediate repairs and addition of teeth to your denture, by appointment. You are welcome to wait, and we will be happy to adjust and fit your dentures afterwards.

-From £75

Need immediate Dentures?

There are many reasons why immediate dentures might be the right choice for you. In advanced periodontal disease, unfortunately it is not always possible to save the teeth. In these circumstances, extractions followed by immediate denture placement is a good treatment choice with instant, drastic results as shown in these photos of one of our happy patients.


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