Dear Patients,

As we prepare to re-open on the 8th Of June, there will be some changes to the way Dentistry looks to us all. We ask you all to remain as patient as you have been as restrictions are slowly lifted. There are still limitations in place that prevent us from safely offering routine procedures.

What we are doing to protect you:

  1. Initially only emergencies will be attended to, starting with those who have had problems during this lockdown period. We will be in touch in the next few days. We hope to expand to regular treatments as and when guidance and common sense allows.
  2. We will be accepting phone calls from the 8th of June. Paige, our receptionist, is raring to go!
  3. We will be seeing one patient in the surgery at a time to maintain social distancing rules. This will reduce the number of people we are able to see in a session.
  4. We will continue with our stringent cross infection prevention procedures as always.
  5. We will keep the surgery well ventilated.
  6. We will wipe down your “pathway” from front door to the surgery and reception and back to the front door in between each patient. Including signature pads and card payment terminals.
  7. We will take your temperature on arrival. If it is above 37.8C, we will not be able to treat you.
  8. We may be wearing more daunting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

What you can do to help us:

  1. Attend your appointment alone where possible. (with one guardian/chaperone if not possible.)
  2. Try to avail yourself of the bathroom before coming to the surgery (the fewer areas you need to go to in the practice, the less likely you are to infect or be infected).
  3. Please attend on time, as we must minimise risk of bumping into the next patient if we run behind.
  4. Please use the alcohol sanitiser in the automated dispenser for 30 seconds when you come through the front door.
  5. You will be guided straight through to the surgery, without visiting reception.
  6. Bring as few belongings with you as is possible.
  7. We may ask you to rinse your mouth before assessment/treatment commences.
  8. After treatment we will guide you to reception for any further appointments required and to make payment.
  9. Please use the alcohol sanitiser again for 30 seconds before leaving the building.


Stay safe and we will see you all soon.

Neren Naidoo